Welcome to Somerset East

Aerial view of Somerset East
Aerial view of Somerset East

Located as it is, a short distance from the N10 main highway between Port Elizabeth and South Africa’s interior as well as being on one of the main routes to Graaff-Reinet, Somerset East is both a convenient and a natural place to stop over.


Those who do stop here will not be disappointed. The town is picturesque, friendly and, being also quiet with little traffic, is easy to walk around.



For those who are interested in history, the town owes much of its early years to the British military and settlers as well as the Afrikaners who were farming the area prior to the arrival of the British. This history can be explored both in the town and the surrounding area. (The controversial Slagtersnek rebellion took place in the district).


Many of the town’s houses and buildings reflect this heritage with lots of houses still standing which date from the early 1800’s. A walk down Paulet Street alone is almost like a trip into the past.



The countryside around the town is quite varied with impressive mountains, rich farmland, forest and open Karoo veld, all within a short drive of the town.


799px-Somerset_East_Museum_-_Somerset_East-001Nightjar R&T Somerste East Glen Avon Falls Jan 2012

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